Jennifer Baird

By day Jennifer Baird is a graphic design student, (4th degree is a charm for world domination! 2023!), by night she is an actor/improviser. Jennifer has been doing improv off and on for 13 years. She studied improv in Chicago at Second City, Annoyance Theater and Comedysportz Chicago. She was also a part of One Group Mind theater company for 3 yrs. In 2017 Jennifer moved back to her hometown of Kansas City. During the pandemic she discovered the wonderful KC improv community and is currently taking classes at The Bird Comedy Theater.
In addition, Jennifer FINALLY got into Music improv for the first time in her life! (What?! First time?! But you
re a pro! Well…why..yes, yes I am). Jennifer had the honor of being a member of Cacafonius music improv group and is now currently honored to be a member of Maestros.