Kevin McKinney

Kevin has written for and/or performed in stage shows with The Pigeon Vision Bros, The WANABATS players, the Le Farts and the musical improv group Cacafōnius and other groups that you’ve never heard of. He studied improv at the Improv Shop, The KC Improv Company, the Bird Comedy Theatre, The Improv Retreat, and with comedian C. Wayne Owens (who was tasked with making Renaissance Festival performers bullet proof). He has studied nonverbal improv under Masoud Delkhah at the University of Kansas where he also played Mark Antony in the English Alternative Theater’s production of Julius Caesar.  He has studied contact improv (dancing) under Harlan Brown Lee and Marsha Paludan. Kevin is a father, a feature filmmaker, a Tai Chi student, a backyard chicken farmer and a former employee at White Castle. Insta @kevin_mckinney_films